The Pratt Institute has been in the forefront in its dedication to sustainability.

Pratt’s commitment to sustainable efforts is exemplified by Sustainable Pratt, Pratt’s annual campus-wide Green Week and Pratt’s academic curriculum.

Programs for Sustainable Planning & Development (PSPD) 

PSPD is an alliance of four programs with a shared value placed on urban sustainability – defined by the “triple bottom line” of environment, equity and economy.

The four graduate Master of Science programs are:

The primary mission of the PSPD is to provide a professionally oriented education to a student body with diverse cultural, educational and professional backgrounds. The PSPD welcomes applicants with undergraduate degrees in a wide range of academic disciplines.

Urban Environmental Systems Management

The mission of the Urban Environmental Systems Management program is to provide an innovative, professional development education to a diverse student body.

Students learn the interdisciplinary skills needed to assess contemporary environmental issues and engage diverse stakeholders in designing and developing sustainable plans, policies and communities.

Graduates are prepared to take on a range of roles as policy analysts, sustainability consultants, low impact developers, researchers and advocates, collaborating with environmental scientists, policymakers and communities.

Directed by a faculty of cutting edge practitioners in urban sustainability, the program not only cultivates professional networking opportunities for students but also a creative consortium for faculty.

To learn more about PSPD and the Urban Environmental Systems Management Curriculum contact:

Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development
Higgins Hall, Room 206
61 St. James Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238



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